Floating Market Opens in Pettah

After a lot of hype, The Pettah Floating Market finally opened on the 25th of August, meeting all the expectations of the people. The place is another part of the fancy urban development plan of Colombo, along with Arcade Independence Square, but it is much more accessible to the common people. Before this, Colombo has never had such a happening hangout space at such affordable prices.The Sri Lankan floating market is a series of pavilions which are constructed on the far end of the Beira Lake, which was reconstructed. The lake stands between Pettah bus station and the railway station. It perhaps includes a total of about 90 stalls of clothes, electronics, jewellery, shoes, kottu, short-eats, fruits and vegetables.Entering the premise does not cost you any penny. Though the main entrance iRead More

Clubs Bars Nightlife Tips

Nightlife was something that was almost absent a few years ago in Colombo. However, the scenario is not the same today. Some happening nightspots have popped up recently in Colombo, giving it the much needed throbbing nightlife. While there are nightclubs with bars catering to the younger adults, there are some bars with popular bands playing, which are more popular amidst the older clientele.The city of Colombo has some of the best restaurants in the country, serving wide range of cuisines. Besides, fine dining, you should also try the street-side joints where you can find some of the tastiest foods.Pub Culture happens to be one of the most significant revolutions in the nightlife of Colombo. This culture coupled with the hospitality of Sri Lanka, can give you a great nightlife in the citRead More

OCT 23

Capital Highways

Capital Highways

 One of the long awaited dreams of Sri Lanka became a reality with the opening of its first highway, E-01 on 27th of November, 2011. This highway was only the beginning, after that Sri Lanka has got involved in developing many other pending highways, like the extension of the Southern Highway up to Godagama - Matara.With the extension of the Southern Highways southwards, the other end of it is connected to OCH, i.e., the Outer Circular Highway, which was designed for the purpose of connecting to the other highways in the other parts of the country from the outer circle of Colombo.Beginning from Kottawa of the Southern Highways, OCH is now at its final stages, moving across Kottawa, Pore, Athurgiriya and Kothalawala, for being linked to Malabe – Kaduwela in its first phase.Nirmala KothRead More

Are you confused about where to head for your next vacation? In that case, you can try out Sri Lanka since it has everything that you can expect to find in a tourist destination. When in Sri Lanka, the best place to stay is, of course, its capital Colombo. This is because it is the country’s biggest city and boasts of fine dining, colonial heritage and umpteen shopping opportunities. Let us have a look at some of the must-visit places or spots of Colombo: The Fort: This is the country’s commercial center which was actually a fort during the Dutch and Portuguese periods. At present, it consists of all the major offices, banks, immigration office, main post office, big hotels, airline offices, restaurants and travel agents. There is a clock tower between Janadhipathi Mawatha and Chatham St wRead More

The Opening of the New Southern Highway Road

On 27th November, 2011, President Mahinda Rajapakse had ceremonially inaugurated the new southern expressway of Sri Lanka that is actually the first access controlled highway of the country. The total length of the expressway is 96 km and it stretches from Kottawa to Pinnaduwa (Galle).The Galle-to-Matara section is still under construction and is planned to be finished by 2013. There are also plans of extending the Expressing till Hambantota in order to connect it to Mattala International Airport which is yet not complete. The two primary agencies which have funded the project are Japan Bank for International Corporation and Asian Development Bank. While the former had given financial assistance for the construction of the Kottawa-to-Kurundugahahetekma section, the latter had funded the coRead More


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