Colombo Banks

DECEMBER 20, 2011

Colombo Banks

Colombo is the commercial as well as administrative center of Sri Lanka. Besides it is the considered the central business district of this island, and naturally a lot national and international banks and financial institutions have opened up their branches here. So, visitors bound to Colombo this season need not worry about currency exchange or transfer while shopping, sightseeing or simply roving around.

Tourists coming from any country can easily get their money transferred. Colombo has got the branches of several European banks opened here such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank AG Colombo, Commonwealth Bank Colombo, HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation Colombo etc.

Colombo has branches of some banks headquartered in the Middle East too and some of them are National Bank of Abu Dhabi Colombo, Emirates NBD Colombo and Saudi British Bank Colombo. 

Those looking for Asian banks need not be frustrated because there are Standard Chartered Bank Colombo, Hong Kong Bank Colombo and Bank of Tokyo Colombo.

Among the American banks, some are Goldman Sachs Colombo, Bank of America Colombo and Citibank Colombo.

So, there are plenty of options regarding money exchange and money transfers in Colombo and any tourist in the city is unlikely to be worried about such petty services.

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