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DECEMBER 21, 2011

Eating out in Colombo was never as exciting as it is today because this commercial city is coming up with new hotels and restaurants trying to edge out each other. As a result, the dining scene is very competitive and as for the standard of food, you can expect to have some scrumptious gastronomical delights.

There are quite a number of eateries one can choose from and delicacies include general spread of Sri Lanka cuisine as well as continental dishes like French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, and even Swiss gourmets.

Sunday Brunch

This is the most lavish dine den in Colombo and here you can have any delicacy your taste buds crave for. From lobsters and prawns to beef and duck, everything is at your disposal. Though the buffets come with premium prices, the standard of food justifies the pocket hole. You get to relish the spices of the Sri Lanka at this place. And for rounding up your meal, you have several dozens of dessert options.

London Grill

At this place, you pay for a fine dining. The lush green dining space on the ground floor of Cinnamon Grand is simply breathtaking because of the finer ambiances. Cozy sitting arrangements, candle light, an assortment of spoons, forks and knives—there is everything it takes to be a fine dining. On the cards are Australian steaks, grilled chickens and other such delights.

Emperor’s Wok

At this place, you get a king’s meal because quality and quantity go hand in hand. From the jasmine tea to the fried prawns to the oyster sauce, everything is just simply astonishing at Emperor’s Wok. 

Among the other restaurants, some notable destinations are Cricket Club Café, Siam House Thai Restaurant, IL Ponte and Chutney’s.

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