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DECEMBER 21, 2011

The historical riches of Colombo are in sharp contrast to the present cosmopolitan spirit of the city and any inquisitive eye on a visit to the Sri Lankan capital cannot miss out on the aspect. Located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, Colombo offers a plethora of tourist destinations that include museums, architectural wonders, temples, shopping haunts and entertainment plazas. Here are some:

Colombo National Museum

The museum developed by the British in a colonial mansion in 1877 is today the largest repository of historical manuscripts, antiques and furniture and stands testimony to the rich past of the island. Located at Colombo 7, National Museum houses some palm-leaf manuscripts that record the nation’s history. 

Galle Face Green

One of the most frequented areas of Colombo and thronged by people in the weekends to enjoy its serenity, Galle Face Green is a must-see place for visitors. While the soothing evening breeze is the most endearing aspect of this seafront area, the cannons lined up along the coast reenact memory of the war-ridden Dutch era.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

This is a major draw for Buddhists visiting the country as this place is believed to have been visited by Buddha himself. Though the purpose of Buddha’s visit is wrapped in debate, Kelaniya temple resting by the River Kelani is famous for an astonishing collection of Buddhist sculpture and paintings.

Gangaramaya Temple

This temple near Beira Lake at Colombo 2 used to be a hermitage before it was transformed into an inspiring temple having a library and museum. This also operates as a meditation retreat and visitors folk to this place during Nawam Perahera festival.

Dehiwala Zoo

At this zoo, one gets to see a comprehensive collection of animals, reptiles and fishes from across the globe. But this zoo attracts special attention for harboring the island fauna of Sri Lanka. It has a massive aquarium which showcases over 500 aquatic species. There is a butterfly park as well.

Uda Walawe Elephant Transit Home

There is hardly any wildlife destination in India more attractive than this elephant orphanage. For the rehabilitation of orphaned calves, the Department of Wild Life Conservation set it up in 1995. Visitors get unique opportunity to feed the baby elephants with giant bottles.
Other important Colombo attractions include Anuradhapura, Adam's Peak, Trincomalee and Independence Memorial Hall.

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