Web hosting Companies in Sri Lanka

JANUARY 28, 2013

Web hosting Companies in Sri Lanka

Lanka Web is a premier web hosting company in Sri Lanka that undertakes tasks of storage, registration of domain name, and e-mail services. As communicating with the world and staying connected is of primary importance in this age of e-commerce and internet marketing, proper web hosting is vital. Lanka Web hosting Sri Lanka company is a comprehensive service provider taking care of all your Internet service needs. 

We at Lanka Web copy your web page or website to our web server for making it available to viewers across countries and continents. Our professionals are adept at storing and managing websites on a web server, the basic requirement of efficient web hosting services in Sri Lanka. Web server at Lanka Web essentially being a public server hosts multiple websites each with several web pages. Storing and managing these is a specialized and needs dedicated professionals. 

Lanka Web Company alike other web hosting companies in Sri Lanka also provides registration of domain name for your website. As it is not possible to host your web pages without a registered domain name, this is an integral task of web hosting companies. Lanka Web  professionals help in providing you a proper domain name and get it registered for worldwide viewing.

As a dedicated web hosting company, we offer e-mail services to all our customers. As e-mail is the fastest and most economical of all correspondence processes it is extensively used by individuals as well as companies. Availability of our web hosting services at ABCE is round the clock on all seven days of a week.       

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