Vacation Memorable By Planning a Trip to Sri Lanka

JUNE 22, 2016

Vacation Memorable By Planning a Trip to Sri Lanka

Are you confused about where to head for your next vacation? In that case, you can try out Sri Lanka since it has everything that you can expect to find in a tourist destination. When in Sri Lanka, the best place to stay is, of course, its capital Colombo. This is because it is the country’s biggest city and boasts of fine dining, colonial heritage and umpteen shopping opportunities. Let us have a look at some of the must-visit places or spots of Colombo:

The Fort: This is the country’s commercial center which was actually a fort during the Dutch and Portuguese periods. At present, it consists of all the major offices, banks, immigration office, main post office, big hotels, airline offices, restaurants and travel agents. There is a clock tower between Janadhipathi Mawatha and Chatham St which was a lighthouse in the past.

National Museum: It is quite an old museum which was built in the year 1877 at the time of Sir William Gregory, a British Governor. It has an enviable collection of antique furniture, ola manuscripts, old royal regalia and Sinhalse artwork. Other attractions include an excellent set of traditional demon masks and 19th century replications of English paintings.

Viharamahadevu Park: This is the biggest park of Colombo which was originally known as Victoria Park. Its specialty is its wonderful flowing trees that can be seen in the month of March and April along with the beginning of May. If you are lucky, you can also see the elephants which, at times, spend their nights there happily feeding on palm branches.

These are only three of the attractions that Colombo promises to offer. There are countless others which can make your trip worth remembering such as Dehiwala Zoo, Galle Road, Cinnamon Gardens etc.

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