Majestic City

DECEMBER 20, 2011

Majestic City

Among the most buzzing shopping destinations in Colombo, Majestic City popularly referred to as ‘MC’ is certainly a well known complex primarily because of its location in the heart of the bustling commercial capital of Sri Lanka. While this shopping space is the meeting place of the city youths, it is equally famous for a variety of shopping options. Apparels, electronic goods, furniture items, jewelries—everything is available here. 

Majestic City grabs the attention of every first time visitor by offering spacious franchise outlets of global brands and a bank. While the exterior finished in the red, yellow and grey gives the supermarket a grand appearance, the terracotta works in the interior make shopping a pleasurable experience. This active retail complex which has recently completed just two decades of operation offers everything from music CDs to books to footwear to clothing accessories to stationery items.

In the weekends, Majestic City becomes a place of chit-chat and hangout with the people jostling in the food court on the ground floor, swarming into the cinema on the forth floor or spending leisure time in the poolside parlor in the top storey. In the food court, one gets to relish local dishes and foreign cuisines alike. So, everything is at your disposal, from Sri Lankan spices to Malaysian, Chinese, Mongolian and continental hot dining options.

This fully air-conditioned supermarket is an ideal place for children as well as teen and adult shopaholics. Some of the well-known retail outlets in the mall include Cotton Collection, Odel, Prasanna Batiks and Hameedias. So, shop till you tire out and then get into the food court for some spicy crunches. Or you can enter the Majestic Cinema to watch out the latest release.

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