Clubs Bars Nightlife Tips

OCTOBER 23, 2014

Clubs Bars Nightlife Tips

Nightlife was something that was almost absent a few years ago in Colombo. However, the scenario is not the same today. Some happening nightspots have popped up recently in Colombo, giving it the much needed throbbing nightlife. While there are nightclubs with bars catering to the younger adults, there are some bars with popular bands playing, which are more popular amidst the older clientele.

The city of Colombo has some of the best restaurants in the country, serving wide range of cuisines. Besides, fine dining, you should also try the street-side joints where you can find some of the tastiest foods.

Pub Culture happens to be one of the most significant revolutions in the nightlife of Colombo. This culture coupled with the hospitality of Sri Lanka, can give you a great nightlife in the city, gifting you bunch of new memories and friends.

Given the fact that Colombo has something in store for everyone, is what makes it an intriguing city. If you explore the city, you will find that it comprises a vibrant modern life with that of a very traditional and old one. It can be called modern yet traditional. Here, you can feel anything but bored. Each and every lane is like a new revelation. 

Although Colombo is no Las Vegas, the nightlife of the former, today, is no less than the latter. The city is punctuated with casinos, popularly known as clubs over here are exquisite with neon lights and pulsating music beats. The clubs in Colombo can offer you gamblers roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and other popular games where you can try your luck along with complementary food and beverages. Besides, there’s always good music playing around to keep you in an enthusiastic mood. Only adults, i.e., people over 18 years of age are allowed inside the clubs. There are some clubs that permit entry only to foreigners. You need to be dressed in smart casuals to get instant admission.

Night Clubs and Discos:
Mawby's Clillout Pub
Located at No 112, New Buller’s Road,Colombo 05, Mawby’s is a very significant addition to the vibrating pub culture of Colombo. It mixes both the western as well as country culture. The place is quite chilled and its architecture depicts 21st century designs. Its bar is well stocked and the giant screen over there plays greatest musical concerts. 

Zanzi Bar
Located next to Holiday Inn at the 4th floor of No.42, Sir Mohammaed Mecan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 3, Zanzi Bar is one of the newest market bars in Sri Lanka. On the third floor of the building there is Glow, a place that features live bands, theme nights and international DJs, making sure that every time you go there, you have a very good time. 

Cafes, Lounges and Bars:
Bradman Bar – Cricket Club Café
Located in 34, Queens Road, opposite Duplication Road, Colombo 02, this bar can be called the most famous theme bar in the city. Its ambiance spells cricket with videos, memorabilia, etc. The place is much loved by cricket lovers; however, it is not that non-cricket lovers do not visit the bar. The bar serves you quality food and drinks at a reasonable price. 

Located in Colombo Plaza, Colombo 03, Cheers is the replacement of Colombo Club.  This bar-cum-restaurant can fit into the House of Commons. This bar is very popular with the foreign crowd. It also boasts of a popular Sunday Carvery and all-day fried breakfast. Cheers houses a full-size snooker table and an excellent pool table.

Bally Colombo
Located at 34 DR Wijayawardena Mawatha, Colombo 10, Ballys Colombo can get you a lot of money. If you are someone who loves to try his or her luck, this is the place to be in Colombo. The place is well-known for its lucky table and over the top entertainment. The casino spells style and class. Its ambiance is so mesmerising that you won’t take long to get lost in the enigmatic world of black jack, roulette and professional poker. If you are not interested in games, you can sit back and enjoy live music with delicious food and drinks.
Stardust Casino

At No. 9, 15th Lane, Colombo 03 stands Stardust Casino. With a history of over ten years, Stardust is one of the oldest casinos in Sri Lanka. Live entertainment and lucky tables are the best attractions of the place. Here, you can have elaborate buffets or short eats, and of course, drinks.
Come, enjoy the pounding nightlife of Colombo. It’s an experience to treasure.

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